Guests Events Team Wolf Review

Although the start to the convention, trying to purchase our supports for the autographs, seemed slightly disorganized, the rest of the weekend was a complete success. I have been to other conventions with other companies but I have to say that Guests Events is at the top of my list. This was my second convention with this team and I am planning to go to more. The Team Wolf Convention was an unforgettable experience.

Laetitia and Brigitte were welcoming, helpful and had smiles on their faces at all times as well as the rest of the staff members, which I believe to be important in order to make everyone feel comfortable and happy to be there.

The guests also seemed to be enjoying themselves which is something we all love to see. The 7 of them were incredibly sweet and attentive during the whole weekend.

In regards to the schedule, everything was on time and there were activities such as a quest, a magician and a singer to entertain the audience during the breaks and during our free periods.

The presentor/translator, Daniel, was charming as usual. It’s always great to watch him translate onstage alongside the actors as he has a fun and friendly personality.

The soirée cocktail on Saturday night was a unique experience. The room was decorated with balloons, music was playing and there was a buffet full of delicious food for us to choose from.

The actors came round each table for 7 minutes to have a chat and a laugh with everybody that was a nice change from the little time you get to spend with them during autographs and photos.

All in all, after everything I got to do and everyone I got to meet I would definitely, without a doubt, recommend Guests Events and I will surely be attending many more of the conventions in the future.




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