Zarata Events – Wolf Moon Con Review

In the month of September, between the 19th and 21st, we attended the Wolf Moon Con oganized by Zarata Events at the Auditorium Hotel in Madrid, where the guests: Ian Bohen, JR Bourne, Max Carver and Tyler Hoechlin were in attendance.

The event began punctually, receiving the four guests for the opening in which they walked onto the stage as friendly as ever and with huge smiles on their faces. They then introduced themselves, welcomed us and the Q&A commenced, signalling the start to a fantastic weekend for the fans of Teen Wolf.

During the entire event the guys were very kind to their fans, joking a lot on stage, we could specifically mention Max Carver and his surprising Spanish speaking talent, as about 75% of his Q&A’s were spoken in Spanish, with fluidity. We could also mention that during the second day, JR Bourne wished to please the attendees by trying to make some video conference calls with Brittany Snow, or Linden Ashby, who answered the call.

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One of the highlights of the convention was the Saturday night cocktail party where we had the chance to enjoy a delicious dinner, including an open bar, and of course the presence of the four guests, who went table by table giving converstion to everyone. They responded to the fans questions and spoke about some of their plans for the near future, such as visits to Barcelona or other conventions.


In reference to the organization and management, everyone was very kind and they resolved all our questions and our necessities as quickly as possible. In general, it was a good weekend, the only thing we would add to the next editions (like the one in Bilbao next year) would be to try to improve the ambiance by playing music, putting up some screens in the Q&A rooms and some better lighting, as it would have resulted in a more visual event.


This being said, keep an eye on our website so you don’t miss any information about the conventions planned for next year, and please feel free to visit our “Best Moments” section.

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